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Live InPlay Betting Statistics

2019-10-01 - 2019-10-31

Total Bets58
Won Bets28
Lost Bets30
Void Bets0
Average Odds2.03
Avg Odds Won Bets1.95
Winning Rate48.00%
Return On Investment-5.95%

2019-09-01 - 2019-09-30

Total Bets145
Won Bets75
Lost Bets70
Void Bets0
Average Odds2.07
Avg Odds Won Bets2.05
Winning Rate52.00%
Return On Investment6.15%

2019-08-01 - 2019-08-31

Total Bets141
Won Bets72
Lost Bets69
Void Bets0
Average Odds2.09
Avg Odds Won Bets2.06
Winning Rate51.00%
Return On Investment5.16%

2019-07-01 - 2019-07-31

Total Bets70
Won Bets44
Lost Bets26
Void Bets0
Average Odds1.86
Avg Odds Won Bets1.85
Winning Rate63.00%
Return On Investment16.39%

2019-06-01 - 2019-06-30

Total Bets20
Won Bets14
Lost Bets6
Void Bets0
Average Odds1.74
Avg Odds Won Bets1.70
Winning Rate70.00%
Return On Investment19.25%

All Time Statistics

Total Bets434
Won Bets233
Lost Bets201
Void Bets0
Average Odds2.02
Avg Odds Won Bets1.98
Winning Rate54.00%
Return On Investment6.47%


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